Trust and Safety Centre

Your safety is important to us.

We are deeply committed to building a trusted, collaborative marketplace. We continuously build state of the art tools and services to assist your evaluation and decision.


Detailed Profiles

TaskAmigo’s Profile pages are designed to allow Listers and Runners to assess each other. Profiles include a Portfolio section which includes photos, connections to LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as reviews and references from members in the TaskAmigo community.

Authentic Feedback

Listers and Runners are able to leave feedback only after a task has been completed. This feature means that feedback provided is a real reflection of an actual experience between the Lister and Runner.

Tools and Applications

To facilitate the exchange of information, we have developed platform tools and applications that enable the flow of information.

Comments System

Get to know your Lister or Runner with our comments system. Ask questions and set expectations for each other prior to assigning or running a task. This also provides a reference to our team in case any incidents arise.

Picture Upload Tool

Picture uploads are not mandatory as some tasks do not require pictures. However, if you feel this would help you, as a Runner, to assess the task better, you should request pictures from the Lister.

Reputation And Research Tools

Be knowledgeable of the task you are assigning or accepting. These tools are designed to help you make informed decisions on TaskAmigo:

Verified Runner Badge

Look for the “Verified” badge on profiles. Verified means that the runner has been interviewed by us. It means also that a member of the TaskAmigo team has gotten a sense of his/her purpose for being on TaskAmigo, and felt that he/she had genuine intentions.

Connect Facebook and LinkedIn

Validate your LinkedIn or Facebook account on TaskAmigo and add another level of trust to your profile. Listers and Runners both want to know they can validate each other, and having a social media link can really boost your credibility.

Supporting You Behind The Scenes

On top of features available on the website, our team works behind the scenes make the community safe.

Content Monitoring

Our team dedicates time to investigating listings, comments, profiles, and other user-generated content on our platform. We keep a watchful eye for users who post inappropriate content and will take action to remove them.

Trust & Safety Team

TaskAmigo devotes resources and manpower  to keeping the community filled with users who are reliable, trusted and responsible. We are continuously taking in feedback and developing new features and services that make our community safer, through a dedicated Trust and Safety Team.

NRIC Numbers

To sign up for TaskAmigo, a valid NRIC number is necessary. This is a step we have taken to encourage users to take responsibility for their actions, and it also means that all users are identifiable should any incidents occur.


Experience enhancing tips for our users

In addition to tools we have built, we also want to provide some best practices for you to make the best of your TaskAmigo experience

Choose Your Runner and Lister Wisely

Browse through Feedback

Listers and Runners are able to leave feedback only after a task has been completed. This feature means that feedback provided is a real reflection of an actual experience between the lister and runner.

Comments System

Get to know your lister or runner with our comments system. Ask questions, set expectations for each other prior to assigning or running a task. This also allows our team to reference to the communication down whenever any incident arises.


Here are some questions you can ask:

  • What are you standards for the completion of this task?
  • Do you have any sample websites from which I can see and assess the standard of your work?


Communicate with us

We Are Right Here

Feel free to reach out to us whenever you feel that there’s something to ask or voice out. We’re just an email away. Email us at

Happy Holidays and Thanks for the Great Year!

Dear Amigos,

As this year comes to a close, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, TaskAmigo’s loyal supporters, for being part of our story.

This year has gone by fast. Looking back, our team has had our hearts warmed with many sweet tasks, and has also felt satisfied seeing that the platform has helped people who needed quick and short term help. We remember the last minute office help in arranging receipts, surprising a girlfriend and now wife with a guitar crew, and even separating brown M&Ms from colored ones.

To our dear listers, we hope that you’ve found trustworthy help and quick turnarounds the various errands you’ve posted. To our dear runners, we hope that the tasks on our platform have delivered value to you. And to our less active users, we’re working on improving our platform for you to get more involved in the next year.

Do follow us on Facebook for our latest updates. As always, we love to hear from you. What are your plans for the next year and how can we help? Drop us an email. Let us know how we’re doing!

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Andrew, Dawn, Garreth

4 Steps to Finding Great Help On TaskAmigo

Now that you’ve gotten to know about TaskAmigo and the part-time help you can get with small jobs, errands, and tasks, you’ve gained the power to create extra hours in the day.

Here’s how to create those extra hours that make your life easier!

Step 1: Post a ‘Task’

It’s free to post tasks. Tasks are your little errands and jobs, or anything you need help with!

Simply tell us where to go and get it done and tell us the maximum you are willing to pay. Be sure to include details such as:

  1. Where the runner needs to go
  2. How much he/she may need to spend out-of-pocket while doing the task
  3. How will you pay your runner? You can opt to pay your runner directly (Cash/iBank) or through PayPal on our platform.
  4. Any other details that will help your runner get the task done smoothly

Quick Tip: Posters who post task with clear and detailed instructions consistently get their task done the quickest. Runners can better assess if they are right for the task, and execute swiftly while on the task.

Here’s an example of a well posted task (this one found a runner within hours):


(Can’t think of something to post? Our Amigos have a variety of skills that can benefit you in surprising ways. Here are some Examples of Tasks Posted)


Step 2: Runners place their offers

Your task appears in the Marketplace and runners come and place their offers.

Pick a runner from list of offers: You get to assign your task to the runner of your choice. (Meet some of our Verified Runners)

View Runner Profile: Do check out the runner’s profile before accepting the offer to better assess if this runner is up to task!

Comment, comment! If you have questions or want to clarify certain details, simply use the commenting feature on the View Task page.


Step 3: Select an offer

This is the easiest step of them all! Just pick a runner, our system will automatically help you exchange contact information with the selected Amigo.

You will receive your runner’s contact info via SMS.


Step 4: Pay & Close the task

Once the task is completed, make sure you reward your Amigo for a job well done if you opted to pay him/her via Cash-On-Delivery/iBanking

Alternatively, you can make payment via PayPal to your runner via our platform.

Last but not least, leave feedback and rate your Amigo.

Leaving feedback for your Amigo not only helps the Amigo improve his or her services, it also helps us build a stronger community that can better help you get things done!


That’s all to it! Do contact us if you have questions or suggestions – we’re more than happy to listen.

Examples of All the Help You Can Get

Often times, we find people asking what can we do? We can do anything and everything. Here are some examples of things we have done!

Hope this helps =)

(Photo Credits: Google Images)

Quick Tips to Improve your TaskAmigo Experience

Do you own a vehicle that looks something like this?

Because if you do, we’re looking for you! It can also be an SUV!

Please drop us a comment with your contact details. An email works too –

Join us at our get together next Tuesday!

If you’ve been wanting to find out more about TaskAmigo, who’s in the community, who’s in our team, you’ve just got to join us at our event on Tuesday. It’s going to be fun meeting people, playing games, and having some food. Kids are welcomed too.

Oh yes, and if you’ve been wanting to join us as a Trusted Amigo, feel free to come down to our event as well. Bring along your IC and a copy of your resume as we will be conducting short interviews there and then to get to know you better.


What happens when your life is powered by TaskAmigo?

As a team, we started out with the vision that life would be so much more efficient if help could be found at the snap of our fingers. We believe that skills, tools and information are all decentralized. The knowledge, things and help you need lie in the people around you.

Before, this knowledge was hard to share. But with the internet, technology and TaskAmigo, all the possibilities come into place.

It is exciting thinking about what the world would be like if we get accustomed to the new possibility of having quick, short term help and expertise at our fingertips.

Dream of having the convenience of *insert task here*. Work could be easier, you could have more time for yourself.

Post it maybe.

Start Mondays with something to look forward to

The end of the week usually leaves me a little inertia of the coming Monday. I’ve found that a way to get over it is to have something on Mondays to look forward to, for example a dance class, a nice sandwich, a run around the Marina Bay Financial District area. It actually is quite enjoyable doing that.

(Photo Credits: Andalucia)

If you’re looking to build up more positive energy for the week on Mondays, TaskAmigo is here to help you make that happen. Post a task on getting someone to make a healthy lunch for you, or pack that super beancurd tart you’ve been having a craving for.

Even better, outsource your evening activity planning to someone on TaskAmigo. Get a runner to pick the best classes for you and your friends to head to at the end of a day’s work.

Doesn’t that sound like a great week already?

Cheers to the start of a new week guys =)

Join us on our very first Hola TaskAmigo Get-together


Come down for a midweek session of mingling and chatting over  food and drinks. Get to know about the experiences of the other runners in our community. Share with each other how to post tasks and run tasks. Let us get to know you too! We’ll love to hear what you like to see implemented and what you’d like improved!

Venue: TBA (SMU or NUS area)
Time: 1830hs- 2030 hs
Date: Tues, 16 Oct 

Eventbrite - Hola TaskAmigo Get-together

Click on the button above to register and join us for a relaxing evening of fun, food and laughter! See you there!